Identify Triggers.
Find Relief.

Identify Triggers.
Find Relief.

Keep track of your tinnitus and discover the best way to manage it.
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World’s first dedicated tinnitus tracking app.

Tinnilog - Rate IntensityWelcome to a new era of tinnitus management with Tinnilog, the world’s first comprehensive app dedicated to tracking tinnitus.

Delve into your personal tinnitus journey through daily logging.
Harness the power of analytics to pinpoint triggers.
Use data-driven insights to reduce tinnitus intensity.

Tinnilog not only empowers individuals but also helps assess the effectiveness of treatments recommended by health professionals.

Tinnilog is here to support YOU in improving your wellbeing!


Tinnitus Trigger Analysis

Automatically identify softening and intensifying tinnitus triggers.

Tinnitus Trend Analysis

At a glance, easily discover trend patterns of your tinnitus.

Super Fast Entry Creation

Create entries in a matter of seconds, even from Apple Watch.

Tinnitus Calendar

Navigate conveniently between daily, monthly, and yearly views.


Highly customizable reminders that you can even set to random.

Beautiful Color Themes

Create your own theme, or choose any of 14 themes, fully customizable.

PDF Export

Convert your tinnitus tracking data into a printer-friendly PDF.


Enrich your home screen with elegant, valuable and convenient widgets.

Apple Watch App

Create entries and check the trend of your tinnitus right from your wrist.

Tinnilog - Tinnitus Tracker - Trigger & Sleep Analysis
Tinnilog - Tinnitus Tracker - Calendar, Trend & Create Entry